Ideal Weight Training Workout Length

By Sean Nalewanyj

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Have you ever wondered how long your weight training workout should be?

Some people believe that your muscle gains will be better if you spend more time in the gym. Although this seems perfectly logical, sometimes, the truth can defy logic. If you want to maximize your muscle gains, you need to do a weight training workout that is short and intense.

Spending additional time in the gym is not going to provide you with any additional benefits.

On the contrary, it might end up reducing your muscular gains.

Let’s learn why.

A hormone called cortisol is released by the body after 45 minutes of any form of rigorous exercise. This hormone causes muscle tissues to breakdown in order to provide additional energy to the body.

Therefore, by training for long periods, you may end up losing muscle instead of making them bigger and stronger.
The optimal length of a weight training workout should be about 60 minutes.

When I say that your weight training workout should be for 60 minutes, I mean that you should spend this time doing muscle building sets; the warm-up and cool-down phases are not included.

You will cut into your important recovery time if your weight training workout lasts longer than 60 minutes. Recovery time is very important because this is when the muscle tissues repair and rebuild. So you should keep your weight training workout within this timeframe if you want to build massive muscles.

Make them short and intense. A 60-minute weight training workout is also optimal from a mental perspective.

It is a lot easier to be mentally prepared for a short intense workout than for one that drags on for hours. When one is aware that his or her workout will not last long, there is a stronger tendency to take the maximum advantage of each set that is performed.

You will, as a result, concentrate on performing each set with intensity and proper form. On the other hand, a very long weight training workout takes a huge mental toll. Your intensity and focus will decrease after training intensely for about 30 minutes.

Thus, when you perform a long session, you spend your time less efficiently. You can gain maximum benefits from your weight training workout and integrate it into your life when you go to the gym, blast through your sets, and still have time for other activities.

Also, you greatly increase your chances of injury, which can put a major roadblock in your bodybuilding progress, if you spend more than 60 minutes on your weight training workout. While the length of your weight training workout is important to your success, this is just one among the many factors that you need to consider when optimizing your weight training workout.

Spending time to understand additional factors such as choosing the right types of exercises, proper nutrition, and the importance of progressively increasing your workout intensity is important to your success. Remember that in bodybuilding, education is as important as dedication.

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