How To Gain Muscle Mass Quickly

By Sean Nalewanyj

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Is it really that simple?

As there are endless arguments, numerous articles, countless new "breakthrough" workouts, and an ever growing number of "muscle-building gurus", all of whom promise to have tips that will allow you to gain muscle mass quickly…

Is there any way there can be just ONE fundamental truth?

Unfortunately there are far too many smaller parts and details that must work in unison to form the right muscle building workout routine. Thus, the only consistent thing that you need to do is to increase the amount of weight you use and you can gain muscle mass quickly.

Stick with simple compound exercise like squats, dead lifts, rows, dips, bench presses, overhead presses, and chin-ups, and continue to add weight as much as possible. This simple principle is more than enough to allow you to gain muscle mass quickly.

With the right diet, if you increase your squat weight by 125 bounds, your dead lift weight by 150 pounds, and your bench press weight by 100 pounds, you can rapidly gain muscle mass, ending up with a stronger, thicker, and large body than you ever imagined.

Remember that "they" don't what you to know this is true…

The "gurus" don't want you with the knowledge that you can gain muscle mass quickly just by progressively working out with heavier weights. Maybe they aren't aware of this (unlikely) or maybe they can't make money with this tip and would much rather sell you some "miracle" workout plan or supplement (more likely).

They would rather have you flipping through the gym like a gymnast, struggling to balance on a Swiss ball, burning time on absurd exercises, performing supersets, "getting the burn", or expending all your energy performing isolation movements, or just getting you to pay for every new gimmick that promises to help you gain muscle mass quickly.

They can't make money if they tell you what you should really be doing, which is focusing on the fundamentals of your bodybuilding program …

And the fundamental concept you need to gain muscle mass quickly is to constantly increase how much weight you use.

This is how you gain muscle mass and get ripped.

With time and effort, it's simple to gain muscle mass quickly if you…

1) Stress your muscles so that they activate an adaptive response. You can do this by using basic compound exercises.

2) Allow yourself a recovery period.

3) Rinse and repeat, but this time use a little bit more weight.

The simplest way to gain muscle mass quickly is to go back to the gym with more intensity and focus than you had the previous week so that you continually gain strength. You cannot gain muscle mass quickly if you do not remain consistent with your efforts and do not keep working towards gaining strength. It's quite simple.

Here's another point to consider…

How likely are you to see some puny guy squatting 400 pounds?

When did you last see someone with an underdeveloped back and shoulders that could dead lift 500 pounds?

What are the odds that someone with a small chest and triceps could bench press 300 pounds?

The odds are low.

But why?

At the end of the day, strength is related to size, so the guy lifting the heaviest weight with correct technique (who also has a great diet) is almost always guaranteed to be the largest guy in the gym.

It's that plain and simple.

Granted, when you set out to gain muscle mass quickly to find some body building success, there are other minor details that you must consider. But when you're at the gym, the only thing you need to worry about is constantly lifting more weight.

If you prefer being "cutting edge" to being successful, by all means should you look into every sophisticated "miracle" plan available to try to gain muscle mass quickly…

If you would like to gain muscle mass quickly with dedicated, explosive, no-frills muscle building, then return to the fundamentals.

To gain muscle mass quickly, start with basic but strenuous compound exercises and perform these exercises with maximum intensity. Keep a detail journal documenting your workouts, and direct your focus on trying to exceed your previous records by constantly adding more weight and reps.

If you do this continually, it will be no problem to gain muscle mass quickly and get the sleek, powerful physique of your dreams.

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