Optimal Duration Of A Bodybuilding Workout Routine

By Sean Nalewanyj

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What is the optimal length of a bodybuilding workout routine?

Some people insist that you will increasingly gain muscle as you spend more time lifting weights. While this sounds good in theory, it is not as simple a matter in practice.

If you want to get the most out of your bodybuilding workout routine and get the highest level of muscle building, you should perform intense exercises in short bursts.

There is little benefit to spending countless hours at your local workout facility slaving away on your bodybuilding workout routine. Truthfully, extra time the gym is likely to hinder your progress, and here's why...

After about 45 minutes of a strenuous bodybuilding workout routine, the body releases a hormone called cortisol. Cortisol promotes catabolism of muscle tissue to give the body extra energy. Thus, if you work out for hours at a time, it could result in you losing muscle mass instead of gaining mass and strength.

Thus, you should design your bodybuilding workout routine to take about one hour. This 60 minute period for your bodybuilding workout routine only accounts for your actually muscle-building activities; it does not account for your warm-up and cool-down periods.

A bodybuilding workout routine that exceeds 60 minutes works to affect your recovery time. The recovery time is vital in that it gives the muscles time for repair and growth in between each bodybuilding workout routine. If you are trying to greatly enhance your muscle gains, it is crucial that you limit your workouts to one hour. They should be intense, but brief.

A 60 minute bodybuilding workout routine is also optimal from a mental standpoint too. It is an easier task to mentally prepare yourself for a bodybuilding workout routine that may be intense but will not last long opposed to one that will take all afternoon to complete.

Since you are aware that your bodybuilding workout routine will not last long, there is greater motivation to get those out of every rep and set. You will focus your attention towards performing each workout with the right technique and level of intensity.

Conversely, an all-day bodybuilding workout routine wears on both the body and mind. After intensely exercising for about half an hour, your intensity and mental focus start to wane, so you tend to get less out of your workouts when they take longer to complete.

By quickly going to the gym and completing your bodybuilding workout routine, your life will not be consumed by time in the gym, allowing you time for other daily tasks. In this way, your bodybuilding workout routine does not interfere with your lifestyle and lets you get the most out of your routine.

Furthermore, a bodybuilding workout routine that exceeds 60 minutes dramatically elevates your potential for injury, which will bring your bodybuilding progress to a screeching halt. While how long your bodybuilding workout routine is is an important element for success, it is still just a single element among many that you must consider when implementing your bodybuilding workout routine.

To get results, it is vital that you spend time considering all of the elements involved, including selecting the right exercises, designed a balanced diet, and the need to continually elevate your workout intensity. In bodybuilding, how much you know is just as vital as how dedicated and motivated you are.

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